Why UndergoundVPN?

Why should your subscribe to UndergroundVPN’s incredible VPN service?  There are many reasons!  Let us try to count them all!

Online Security

  1. Secure Your Internet Connection:  UndergroundVPN encrypts your entire internet connection with up-to 256-bit high grade encryption to protect your data from prying eyes whether you are on the go or at home on the couch.
  2. Secure Connection on Wi-Fi Hotspots:  Public Wi-Fi hotspots can be infested by hackers and identity thieves looking to steal your data. UndergroundVPN secures your Wi-Fi network connection to protect your data transmissions.
  3. Solid Protection Against Data Sniffers:  With a wide variety of security protocols to choose from and top-of-the-line 256-bit encryption, no data sniffing bad guys will be able to penetrate the web of security surrounding your internet connection and get their hands on your data.
  4. Safeguard Your Emails & Instant Messages and More:  UndergroundVPN offers a safeguard for all your communications whether they are emails or instant messages, surfing the internet or uploading and sharing pictures and video so you never have to worry about unauthorized access from nosy hackers.

Online Privacy

  1. Avoid Third-Party Surveillance:  UndergroundVPN creates a secure, encrypted tunnel between you and our servers to hide your real IP address and location which makes it impossible for third-party websites and your ISP to monitor your online activities.  Your traffic just looks like noise to them!
  2. Protect Your Identity:  We have employed world’s leading encryption standard, AES‑256, to secure your personal and financial information so that it stays out of the hands of identity and data thieves.  Don’t let the hacker at the coffee shop have access to your information that could be used to ruin your life!
  3. Defeat ISP Packet Inspection:  UndergroundVPN prevents your ISP from monitoring your data inlcuding the websites you visit, videos you watch, e-mails you send or downloads, etc.  This keeps your privacy intact and also helps avoid throttling your ISP might be doing on certain activities such as bittorrent.
  4. Prevent Geo-Targeting:  UndergroundVPN allows you to appear from locations around the globe which makes it much harder for advertisers, search engines and others to find where you really are and serve you ads and other data based upon your location.

Internet Freedom

  1. Surf Internet Easily:  UndergroundVPN allows you to visit the websites you want and enjoy surfing on the internet freely with a fantastic user experience no matter the time or place.
  2. Hide Your Activity From Your ISP:  A VPN does not increase your internet speed (although it can speed up some services if your ISP is throttling them); however, it prevents your ISP from monitoring your internet activities so it cannot see the data being sent and received and throttle you as they please or serve you ads based on what they see you doing.
  3. Connect VoIP Services:  Many countries including Brazil, China, Mexico, Panama, etc. are not a fan of VoIP services.  UndergroundVPN not only allows you to use the VoIP services you want, but also encrypts your VoIP communications so those governments don’t spy on those communications.
  4. Experience Ultra-Fast Streaming:  Our VPN servers are optimized for every platform to deliver the unrestricted and fastest VPN speeds at home or on the go.  If you are looking to stream something that is only available in certain countries, you can use UndergroundVPN to appear in those countries to be able to watch it and have a fast enough connection for a smooth experience.

See How We Out Perform Other VPN Providers

  1. Our Network is Global:  We have over 300 servers in 44 countries which means you have plenty of servers you can access that will allow you to appear from a multitude of countries, all with blazing fast and reliable connections!  This is perfect for viewing region locked content as well as preventing people from being able to track your location.
  2. Limited Network:  Other VPN providers have servers in a few countries, and most of them use shared servers from third party providers. This not only decreases speed, but raise questions about dependability and the privacy of your data.  And if you have to worry about the privacy of your data, you are using the wrong VPN!
  3. All Protocols Available On Every Server:  Each and every VPN server that UndergroundVPN runs supports all security protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2 to provide you with the best security, no matter which server you connect to which makes things extra simple to set up!
  4. Limited Protocols:  Third-party hosted VPN providers might have a long list of VPN servers, but with support for only a couple of protocols on different servers.  Trying to decide which server you want to use and then figure out which protocol it allows and adjust your settings to that can be a real hassle!
  5. Zero Logging of Your Activities:  We have a Zero Log policy that means we do not record your activities or what you do online.  We don’t track where you go or what you do.  Period! Our commitment to preserve your online privacy is second to none.
  6. Maintain All or Limited Logs:  Many VPN providers keep a perfect record of when and where you visit on the internet, your IP addresses, Geo-location data and the type of traffic you send through their VPN network.  If they maintain logs, your activities are not private!  Not only can they watch what you do, they can turn over that information if asked for it by government agencies.