UndergroundVPN PPTP Setup on iPad

While setting up a VPN on the iPad sounds like a bit of a black art known only to the truly nerdy, its actually quite easy and with this handy guide for how to set up UndergroundVPN on the iPad , we can walk you through it!  This will allow you take advantage of UndergroundVPN’s service on the iPad in just a couple of minutes.  We promise, its not rocket science!

Step 1:  Go to your home screen and tap on “Settings”

Step 2:  Tap on “General” and then Tap on “VPN”

Step 3:  Tap on “Add VPN configuration”

Step 4:  Tap on “PPTP Protocol”

Step 5:  Insert following:

  • Description: UndergroundVPN PPTP
  • Server: Insert desired server address. Click here to get the server list
  • Account: Insert Username provided by UndergroundVPN
  • Password: Insert Password provided by UndergroundVPN
  • Send All Traffic: On

Tap on Save

Important Note: Please always remember your UndergroundVPN username & password is different from your Website Member Area email address & Password.

Step 6:  Your “UndergroundVPN PPTP” Profile is Created. Enable VPN option and wait to connect VPN.

Step 7:   You are connected to VPN Successfully.  Enjoy all of the benefits that come with VPN service such as privacy, security and region blocked content!