UndergroundVPN PPTP Configuration Guide for Android

While setting up a VPN on Android sounds like a bit of a black art known only to the truly nerdy, its actually quite easy and with this handy guide for how to set up UndergroundVPN on Android, we can walk you through it!  This will allow you take advantage of UndergroundVPN’s service on Android in just a couple of minutes.  We promise, its not rocket science!

*Note*  Manufactures may customize devices so we can’t guarantee these instructions are identical for all Android devices and versions of the operating system.  If these instructions don’t work for you, please contact our support and we can try to help you or some googling about how to set up a VPN on your specific device might be helpful.

Step 1:  Tap on settings

Step 2:  Tap on More Wireless

Step 3:  Tap on VPN

Step 4:  Tap on the “+” icon

Step 5:  Insert the following Info:

  • Insert Name: UndergroundVPN PPTP  (you might also append the country code so you know what countries servers you are connecting to)
  • Type: Select PPTP from drop down menu.
  • Server Address: Get the complete server list from here.
  • Uncheck: PPP encryption (MPPE)
  • Tap on Save.

Step 6:  Tap on UndergroundVPN PPTP.

Step 7:  Insert the following Info:

  • Insert Username and Password provided provided by UndergroundVPN.
  • Select “Save account information” and tap on Connect.

Step 8:  You are connected to VPN Successfully.  Enjoy all of the benefits that come with VPN service such as privacy, security and region blocked content!