How to Setup UndergroundVPN Manually on Xiaomi Phone?

While setting up a VPN on Xiaomi sounds like a bit of a black art known only to the truly nerdy, its actually quite easy and with this handy guide for how to set up UndergroundVPN on Xiaomi, we can walk you through it!  This will allow you take advantage of UndergroundVPN’s service on Xiaomiin just a couple of minutes.  We promise, its not rocket science!

Step 1:  Go to your home screen and tap on “Setting”

Step 2:  Tap on “More”

Step 3:  Tap on “VPN

Step 4:  Insert the following info:

  • Turn on “VPN”
  • Tap on “+button” to add VPN.

Step 5:  Insert the following info:

  • Enter Name “UndergroundVPN”
  • Select your desired protocol such as PPTP etc.
  • Insert desired server address / IP. Click here to get the server list
  • Uncheck PPP encryption (MPPE)
  • Now Tap on “OK” button and Turn on VPN.