How to Setup UndergroundVPN Manually on Mac? (PPTP– Protocol)

While setting up a VPN on a Mac sounds like a bit of a black art known only to the truly nerdy, its actually quite easy and with this handy guide for how to set up UndergroundVPN on OS X, we can walk you through it!  This will allow you take advantage of UndergroundVPN’s service on Mac OS X in just a couple of minutes.  We promise, its not rocket science!

Step 1:  Click on Apple icon and select “System Preferences…..

Step 2:  Click on “Network

Step 3:  Click on “+” icon from bottom right to create new connection

Step 4:  Click on Interface Menu

Step 5:  Insert the following info:

  • Select VPN from Interface drop down menu
  • Select PPTP from VPN Type drop down menu
  • Insert Service name as UndergroundVPN (PPTP) (Perhaps adding the country you plan to use for this connection would be good too so you know what country you are using for this particular connection configuration)

Step 6:  Insert the following info:

  • Insert desired UndergroundVPN server address in Server Address box. Click here to get the server list.
  • Insert VPN username in Account name box as provided by UndergroundVPN
  • Select desired encryption from Encryption drop down menu. For Streaming purpose select “None”
  • Check “Show VPN status in menu bar
  • Now click on “Authentication Settings..
  • Tip: Do not copy/paste your username or password instead type it manually.

Step 7:  Insert VPN Password in Password box as provided by UndergroundVPN

Step 8:  Click on Advanced

Step 9:  Check “Send all traffic over VPN connection” and hit OK

Step 10:  Click on “Apply

Step 11:  Click on “Connect

Step 12: You are connected to VPN Successfully.  Enjoy all of the benefits that come with VPN service such as privacy, security and region blocked content!

TIP:  Due to the low latency needs of most video games, gaming while connected to a VPN is not recommended and will usually result in a non-optimal experience.